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At we work hard to educate people about the benefits as well as the drawbacks of having a vasectomy. We are overwhelmed with emails from people who have utilized our website for valuable information and for locating a qualified physician in their area.

"We scheduled an appointment to have the surgery next month. Your website was very helpful in our decision to have the surgery. I have recommended to two other people."

"I found a urologist and scheduled an appointment at The VasCenter website was very helpful for me and my wife in deciding to take this step."

"I’m not ready to schedule an appointment yet. However your website was helpful and I’ll be accessing it again when I do need to find a doctor."

"I was doing research on the procedure and what complications could occur. Your site was extremely informative. I have not made the decision to follow through however. If I decide I will return to your site to find a qualified doctor or to make sure the one I know is listed"

"We did the research and found a doctor on Your website was full of helpful information and the doctor search helped me find a doctor very close to my home."

"The website helped making the decision to go forward with a vasectomy much easier. I was able to get all the information I needed and find a doctor on your website."

"My wife researched the procedure and found the doctor on I have an appointment next month."



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