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Once the patient understands the procedure and has signed the operative consent form he is ready for vasectomy. Click here to view sample operative consent form. He may elect to take Valium by mouth prior to the procedure. He is asked to remove clothing from the waist down and a small area of the anterior scrotum is usually shaved. The skin is then cleansed with a soap solution, usually Betadine, an iodine solution. Another solution can be used if there is an allergy to topical Iodine.

Sterile drapes are then placed and the physician will palpate the vas on one side and manipulate the vas to just beneath the skin level. Lidocaine is then injected to anesthetize the skin. This is done with a very small needle. A sticking, stinging sensation is noted only briefly. Once injected, the skin is immediately anesthetized and the procedure can then be performed.

Depending on the anatomy, your physician may elect to perform small incisions or a no scalpel technique to approach the vas. In either case, the vas is brought into the operative field and small metal clips are applied and a segment of the vas is removed. The vas is then cauterized (burned), internally and externally.

The same procedure is performed on the opposite side, usually through a separate site, although, occasionally both sides can be done through the same incision. Sometimes the skin incision is left open and, sometimes, absorbable sutures are placed to close the incision. There may be spotting of blood from the wounds for twenty-four to forty-eight hours, therefore, a dressing is placed over the wound and can be removed the next day. Dressing may be replaced if the patient is more comfortable with a dressing in place or if there is any continued spotting of blood.

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